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Dr. Katerina Deligiorgi

Senior Lecturer in Literature and Philosophy, University of Sussex

Sussex Profile

Katerina Deligiorgi graduated from the University of Essex with a PhD in Philosophy in 1995. She has since worked at the University of Essex, the University of York, Anglia Ruskin University, and the University of Sussex.

Research Areas

Kant, Hegel, value and normativity in ethics and aesthetics, autonomy and action theory, the metaphysics of freedom.



Current Research Projects

The metaphysics of freedom
A long term project involving the defence of a libertarian incompatibilist conception of freedom. Work presented at research seminars at Notre Dame University, University College Dublin, University of Lancaster, University of Sussex.


Understanding Behaviour
A collaborative project with Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes) and Erasmus Mayr (Oxford) initially for a series of workshops, prospectively to be funded by the Wellcome Foundation, on the explanation of behaviour followed by an exhibition, a conference and a book, the Palgrave Companion to Behaviour Studies.

Selected Bibliography
  • (2012) ‘The Scope of Autonomy’ in Kant and the Morality of Freedom, (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
  • (2005) Kant and the Culture of Enlightenment (Albany: SUNY Press) Hardback
  • (2006) Hegel: New Directions (Chesham: Acumen and Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s)