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Kathleen Stock

Written by Kathleen Stock

Kathleen Stock is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Sussex. She did her PhD at the University of Leeds, and has also studied at Oxford and St. Andrews. Her research interests centre around art, imagination and fiction, and has published widely on these topics. She teaches Aesthetics and Philosophy of Literature. Read More »

Click here to see Art in the A-Level and IB curricula

Step One

Can you tell the art from the non-art? Click here to take a test.

Step Two

What is art? Click here to see some answers philosophers have given to this question.


Step Three

What can we learn from art? Click here to see why some philosophers have thought the answer is ‘not much’.

Step Four

Click here for the first response to the anti-cognitivist arguments

Step Five

Click here for the second response to the anti-cognitivist arguments

Further Resources

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