The Philosophy Resource

Teaching resources for philosophy students and teachers


The Philosophy Resource has been created and designed by members of the Philosophy Department at the University of Sussex to engage both teachers and students in secondary education with recent philosophical research. As well as lecturers in Philosophy, the contributors to this site are all active philosophers in their own right, giving conference papers around the world, publishing articles in international journals, and writing books. The Philosophy Resource has been created to present some of the recent research in the department in ways in which would be helpful to Philosophy teachers and students in secondary schools. We hope it compliments and illuminates the various Philosophy curricula taught at secondary school; but we also hope it is interesting in its own right.

Often academic philosophy is perceived as esoteric and difficult; but in fact the ideas are easy to grasp, presented in the right way. On this site you will find clear explanations, interactive quizzes, links to further material, all designed to help grasp new aspects of debates in Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Classical Philosophy. Further material will be added in future months.

We hope you find this website useful, and we welcome all feedback about it, positive and constructively critical. We want it to be of genuine benefit to secondary school teachers and their students; so if you have a view on how it might be improved OR what is already helpful about it and might be extended, please get in touch with us by clicking here.

Kathleen Stock
Head of Philosophy, University of Sussex